6 Things That Go Into A Great Fitness Video


Owning a good quality video recorder and having the knowledge to operate it properly and correctly usually isn’t enough to generate a good fitness video. There are several factors that you should take into consideration because shooting a good fitness video could be more complex than you could ever think. Here are some tips to remember:

Plan the outline

There are some instances that a choppy film is fun to watch but only if it lasts for just a couple of seconds. Visit the location you plan on taking the video and look for great angles, plan for striking moves that you could practice and consider some factors such as lighting and quality to ensure that everything is going smoothly the way you wanted it to be. No matter how good you are, if the film is bad, chances are, your viewers would look for another video that is more organized then yours.

Make a story

Obviously, you already have something in your mind just before you start shooting your film. Make your own story and make sure that it fits to your topic or that story is really suitable and an effective medium to disseminate your knowledge and show off your skills to your viewers. Going impromptu without any directory can ruin things, and that is the last thing that you ever want to happen to you.


This may sound silly, but practice is what makes any performance or output perfect. As much as possible, go out and practice what needs to be done so that you’ll point out any fatal flaws that might occur along the way and find a solution for it.

Work with multiple cameras

All angles must be focused, meaning working with only one camera is not really advisable. For your viewers to be able to check all the movements and catch up easily on you, you should at least work with multiple cameras if it fits within your budget range. It will make you look like a professional and that’s what viewers are looking for in every instructional fitness video that they want to watch.

Consider the sound quality

As much as possible, invest in a high quality sound mixer. Unnecessary, cluttering noise could ruin your video and that could be very disturbing for your viewers. If you’re going to add music to your fitness video, make sure that it’s in highest standard quality.

Wear the appropriate clothes

You won’t find a professional fitness instructor wearing short shorts and t-shirt on her instructional fitness video. Of course, you have to wear the appropriate clothes and gears for your video to convey your viewers. As much as possible, do not wear clothes and gear that is too distracting and unpleasant to the eyes of the viewers. Simple workout gear that you are comfortable in will do as long as it is appropriate and you have worn it accordingly, such as great fitting shorts, shirts and accessories like wrist wraps. Making yourself presentable is plays a vital role in shooting a fitness video.