6 Tips on Video Production Hiring



An online video could be the most powerful tool for communication that you could ever use. That’s why it is important to consider some factors in order to choose a good LA video production company. In that way, you can ensure that you are going to generate videos with high quality that is essential in catching the attention of your audience. Here are some points to consider in hiring a good production company:


Consider their skills and services

Just because a certain company knows how to operate a video camera and they all have the up-to-date technologies to be used in creating an online video, that doesn’t mean that they are good and qualified enough to be hired. They need to be expert in script writing, editing, video production and other vital components to generate an online video into its highest possible standard.


Check their previous projects

You should be able to judge the quality of their service just by looking at their past projects. A good production company would usually present their portfolio into their clients so they have something to look at. Check their official website and use their previous projects as one of your standards to consider whether to hire them or not.


Read reviews and watch video testimonials

As much as possible, look and watch a video testimonial that justifies the video production company’s claim that they are really good. Do not rely much on written reviews because the fact that anyone could just write a review about them and be paid is to be considered. Have the satisfaction of watching their former client comment on how good they are, how they have proven their claim and how they love the outcome of the project.


Online reviews

In case you can’t find an online video testimonial about them, you can simply search the company’s name on Google and start reading reviews. Their Googleplus page provides honest, filtered and unbiased reviews in which you can put your trust on.


Set a goal and create a brief

It’s highly advisable that you write down all your expectations, goals and a brief on the outcome of your video. Take some time to talk with the video production company and discuss everything that needs to be taken into consideration in order to achieve that certain goal of yours. Do not rely on a company that would immediately give you an initial price without knowing what you wanted them to do. Let them assess the situation first and then you could talk about the price until then.


Test their abilities

Let them have some time to explain themselves on how they are going to build a connection between you and your audience. They should be able to come up with a plan to catch your audience’s attention because in today’s industry, beautifully-taken photos alone are not enough to convey your audience. The storyline must be properly disseminated to the audience and your message should be clear enough for them to grasp.