Joe Wehinger on Branding Your Business

When you set out to start a company, you give life to a new entity. Yet unlike a person, the life of your business is dictated by you and your team’s actions at your company. The way your company interacts with the outside world and how it is perceived by the stakeholders that come in contact with it ultimately determines the ‘character’ of your business. In business, this is called branding. As a business owner, you want to control how your branding is perceived and, more importantly, how your branding is defined so that customers receive the proper message about you. Joe Wehinger, a marketing consultant at United Digital Associates, shares the following tips on controlling your brand from what he calls the Fundamentals of Branding:

Define Your Core Values Early

It may seem primitive when you are only a 2 person team, but defining your core values early will help create your brand from the start, and make it so that its something people come in to rather than something forced upon the organization at a later date. Your core values are any non-negotiable believes you want the company to live by, and will ultimately dictate how things get done and the type of culture you create at your business. This is the most defining moment for your brand.

Study Your Market

Spend time gathering data and really honing in on your target audience. By researching who they are and where they are located, you are able to modify the message your brand will put out accordingly. This stage of the process creates the voice and tone of your brand and how it will interact with its customers. Of course, communication should match the core values mentioned earlier.

Brand Promise

Your brand promise should clearly state what you will deliver to your customer. Like Coca-Cola promises happiness and Walmart promises savings, your brand should encapsulate its mission into a brand promise that can be measured and understood by your audience.

Check out the video from Joe Wehinger on this below: