The 4 Looks Spotted At This Year’s Pride Parade



This year’s Pride Parade did not disappoint. As times change, movements grow and cities become more open to LGBT rights, more and more people are coming out to the events. The vibe is great and the people are incredible. This time, I traveled to the Los Angeles Pride Parade after doing New York and Toronto in the previous years. If you’ve never been, let me paint the picture for you – there’s an energy in the air and a sense of happiness that you get when you know you’re among friends. One of the major contributors to the atmosphere is the costume culture that has arisen. It makes sense because there’s nothing that allows us to express ourselves as well as fashion. Here are some of the outfits I saw at this year’s Parade you can use an inspiration for next year.


The Eccentric Look

If you are gay, Pride is better than Halloween sometimes. It’s acceptable on Halloween to dress up – to a certain extent. But pride is the place to let your imagination run wild and express who you really see yourself as. And it showed at this years parade. I was amazed at the time people put into their hair, costumes and make up. Some of the men had better hair styles than some women I know! If you’re going for the eccentric look, go as over the top as your imagination allows. You won’t go unnoticed.



The Minimal Look

On the other end of the spectrum, there are the people that want to be free. Tons of men and women explored their natural side this year at Pride. It was refreshing to see bodies of all shapes and sizes comfortable in their own skin. This outfit is much simpler to pull off – just buy something sexy and cross your fingers that it’s warm out!


The Political Statements

Pride is a day to celebrate how far the gay community has come. But there is still a long way to go for us and other minorities. On top of celebrating gay rights, it’s also become a powerful platform to discuss major issues and bring awareness to issues in the gay and other minor communities. A few great political costumes were spotted speaking out against police brutality and discrimination that were extremely creative.


The Subtle Metro Look

The last and most common look was the subtle, yet fashionable metrosexual looks from many supporters. You can pull this look off with stringers, bright colors and mens leggings.